Okay Aaron... I Know Your Story.  I Want Push Button Money Now!

No SEO, HTML, PPV, PPC, no selling....
No “cloned” freeware others put out as original, when it's really garbage giveaway software...

 Aaron Darko

Location: Secret Headquarters, Thailand

Re: Automatic Income -- Fact or Fiction?


Get ready...

Tear yourself away from your emails... exit that forum... hit the 'x' on your Facebook window.

Instead -- glue your eyes to this page because the next few minutes could be the most important of your entire life.

If you're struggling to make money on the internet...

... but you're ambitious and STILL in the game...

... you're about to uncover a shocking revelation.

The truth about how this email you recieved can change everything about your life...

Instead of what's in your inbox right now...

I bet you get more than a couple emails everyday from so called “marketers” selling their broken code.

You've seen 'em.

Whether it's "stealth", "sneak" or "auto" software... it doesn't matter.

I DARE you to find ONE success story from anybody who has made money with that kind of crap.

And no, I'm not talking about the “success stories” they quote on their sales pages... If you can't trust what they're selling, how in the world can you trust the bogus testimonials they sell it with?

If you're anything like I used to be, you learned the hard way... after you were ripped off. 

And here you are today... still stuck in a job you can't stand, working for some idiot boss you hate.  

It's got to make you mad as hell...

The "holy grail" of automatic money has been piked by thousands of shady marketers ever since the internet was born. Every single one of them promising "push button" riches.

Have you ever met anyone who truly delivered on that promise?


You've probably never heard the name Aaron Darko, and there's a good reason for that.

Sure, I publish my own blog (doesn't everyone?) and I've worked as a JV manager for some of the biggest names in marketing. I've literally helmed multi-million dollar product launches.

But... I've never done it publicly. I prefer to make my money silently... out of the limelight. Just quietly shoveling cash into my pocket, day after day.

And now so can you.

Without any...

SEO -- Placing bets on what the search engines might or might not do next is no way to make money...
ADWORDS -- shovelling your hard earned cash into Google's Overstuffed coffers is a surefire way to go broke fast...
HTML -- who has the time to learn reams of code? If you want to make serious money forget HTML...
COPYWRITING -- when I let you in on my secret, you'll never need to figure out how to 'persuade in print' again...

When you sign up for Push Button Money.

It took a crack team of programmers countless months of sleepless nights to create this "game-changing" piece of software to my exact specifications.

And it does what I want it to do

With just three simple clicks I have taken the first step towards a successfull business 

Thanks to the global availability of wifi, I can work from wherever I want.

This is where I choose to work... and this is what I choose to do with all my hours not working!

... sometimes it doesn't seem real, even to me. I mean, come on... compared to many out there, I'm just a kid. And I'm living my dreams. But more than that, I'm now here to help you live your dreams too.

Me... a positive motivator delivering you the tools to build your own fortune. Wow! It really makes me smile because...


Was I destined to spend the best years of my life sleeping on this couch?

Sick and tired of college, I dropped out and doomed myself to "slumming it" on my parents couch.

Every 2 weeks I'd cycle the 7 mile route to the job center where "Sharon" would give me disapproving looks as I signed on to collect my $100 check... weekly proof of the loser I had become.

I was demoralized. I was frustrated. I was depressed.

Worse still... my family had a history of getting sucked into the welfare vortex.

Once you're in the routine of collecting those checks, it's hard -- impossible even -- to break the cycle.

I didn't want to sponge off anybody. But dropping out of college left me with no direction... no job prospects... no future.

And my parents weren't a lot of help either...

Sure, my dad always inspired me to become an entrepreneur but he'd still have been happier if I was pounding the pavement for job interviews.

But I was chasing the dream.

I mean... I had a ton of ideas, just no money or know-how to bring them to life.

One night in front of the laptop I saw an ad that changed everything...

Yanik Silver was holding his annual workshop event the following month.

Everybody who was anybody in the online marketing world would be there.

Something in my gut told me I'd find answers -- THE answer -- at that workshop.

So I begged, pleaded and cajoled my dad for the plane fare. He eventually caved in and I was gone.

It was the last throw of the dice. 

  • I knew I had to break free from the welfare cycle of doom... 

  • I knew I had to start making something of my life...

  • And more than anything... I knew I had to
    get the hell off my parents' couch!

If I didn't make a change immediately, I'd end up in some factory job for the rest of my life.

Maybe you've felt like that before... maybe you feel like that right now?

It's almost as if your future has already been mapped out and -- no matter how hard you try -- you're heading for a destination called Average-ville.

A place where you brush aside your dreams and ambitions and settle for less.

A regular job, a steady pay-check and the nagging feeling that life could have been so much different and so much better.

But maybe... just maybe... your life is about to take a sudden upward turn.

Just like mine did when I arrived at Yanik's seminar.

You see, I made an effort to talk to as many people as I could. I made every effort to spread my ideas around the cream of internet marketing talent.

Sure... I probably bored some folk, I may even have annoyed some with my enthusiasm, but it all paid off...

Turns out Yanik and the other marketing stars loved my ideas and recommended me for the top prize!

I arrived at the workshop a complete unknown.

By the end of the weekend I was stepping up to the podium to speak because...

And nobody knew my dirty little secret... 

In fact this will be the first time I reveal it anywhere, but...

While I was up on that podium speaking in front of that large gathering of deep-pocket movers and shakers... I was still collecting welfare.

If I had stopped to think about it before telling myself I must go, I may have decided that seminar was no place for a kid with nothing in his pocket but a hundred dollar government check...

I'm glad I didn't stop to think. 

Because not only did I meet my destiny that weekend, I also met some great marketers I'm now proud to call friends. One was a young man who went on to discover his destiny too. His name is Adam Horwitz. Lets hear what Adam has to say...

This text will be replaced

Winning that award was mind-blowing, but nothing compared to what happened next...

By a bizarre chain of events I'll reveal in a moment, I ended up in Thailand at a top marketer's luxurious secret headquarters.

I can't reveal the marketer's name on this page but he's well known in the business as a guy who helps young entrepreneurs achieve success.

They call him... “The Kingmaker.”

It was in his Jungle HQ -- with his crack team of programming demons -- that my vision came to life.


No HTML wizardry needed.
No design skills necessary. Forget fiddling around with Photoshop...
No copywriting needed...

If you've struggled to make money online...

If you've lost count of all the worthless schemes  you've “buyed and tried” (I know it's bought, but it rhymes) to make your entrepreneurial dreams come true...

Now you'll never again...

  • Sweat bullets trying to make article marketing work... 

  • Get brain freeze from the latest SEO technique... 

  • Drop a fortune on Adwords (just before losing your account for no reason)... 

Chilling @ the secret lair... It's easy to relax with the security of an automated business...

Gazing out over the Mars-like red sands of XXXXXX Beach you can almost feel the waves lapping the exotic shoreline.

If it were the perfect time of day...

If the light were just  right...

And you knew the direction in which to look...

There's a tiny chance you'll discover The Kingmaker's secret headquarters.

It's here where million-dollar marketing campaigns are created with a team of genius programmers who automate every mential task... every tedious chore.


It's so simple I wanted to kick myself.     

It all revolves around building a sustainable income.     

Now... what does sustainable mean?     

It means each customer buys from you more than once.     

You don't just get one chance to sell to them, you do it mulitple times. This means...     

Each customer gives you their money over and over again... and they're HAPPY to do it! 

Would you like to sell to somebody once or would you rather sell to them ALL THE TIME? Using my Push Button Money software and his uniquely progressive business model   

Think about it.     

How much time have you spent chasing after the next "fast money scheme" only to find out it's a scam... the next "glitch" or "loophole" that stops working as soon as you've bought the over-priced product?     

I get it... I do. Because that's exactly how it used to be for me.     

When I started drafting out ideas for this exciting new software, my mentor took me to the side and said...

"Aaron, all these guys chasing affiliate commissions... they've got it all wrong.

They're rolling the dice with Google... they're sweating over articles... they think the more WORK they put in the better the results. NOT true...

This used to mean spending a ton of money on what I call “buying customers”...

Paying some fancy copywriter AND a graphic designer to create some kind of magical, eye-catching web page...

Then struggling to keep in contact with your customers and hoping they'll buy from you again. Kinda like getting blood from a stone.

Not anymore.

That means...

  • Designing a professional looking website --

  • Building a rabid following of people --

  • Writing persuasive copy --

Wait a minute... 

“Guaranteed money?” 

Well... of course I can't guarantee every single person reading this will make money. I can't do that... No one can

Anyone claiming they can guarantee more than that is -- quite frankly -- not being honest.

And here's what matters most to you...

Imagine having your own system set-up.

Imagine how that's gonna feel.

In fact... just because you know enough about the web to find this page, means that you are ready..

Click #1 -- Choose Your Market!

You decide

Just choose the market you'll be most comfortable in. They've all been pre-selected...

Click #2 -- Select Your Preferred Form Of Contact!

Simply select how you prefer to talk to your potential customers, and how often. 

You know... experts say when you multiply your contact with potential customers, you multiply your ability to sell to them over and over again.

Click #3 -- Tell The Software How To Reach you

You simply fill out 2 boxes and click. 

Now sit back and watch the magic happen.

The software goes to work

This is the best part... The part that means so much to so many readers...

You're actually getting the opportunity to build one little machine after another.

If someone came to you and really promised that, and offered you a full money back guarantee if for some reason it didn't workout for you, would you take that deal?

Of course you'd take that deal. You'd have to be crazy not to! Heck... my already rich mentor is looking over my shoulder right now and he's laughing. He said he'll take that deal all day long!

Now... of course not everyone will make that kind of money with P.B.M. Everyone always talks about the “average person” and how much they're going to make.

I'll do something no one else out here on the web will do... I'll boldly tell you straight to your face the average person won't make a single dime with Push Button Money. In fact they won't make any money with any system or software. 


Because the “average person” doesn't do anything... ever!

The “average person” would invest in P.B.M. and never  open it up... never try... not even a little.  The “average person” wouldn't even take the time to push that button once!

The “average person” is too lazy to ever get anything like this done. That's why the “average person” is... well... average.

But I've got a sneaky suspicion you're NOT the “average person.” You're not ordinary at all. 

No... I think you're extraordinary. The kind of person who will take P.B.M. and do extraordinary things.

And still... P.B.M. is not going to cost you $1,000.         

Not $500... or even $200!

You already know how valuable the Push Button Money system is.

You've already seen what it can do for you and your family.

So... if I were to offer this to you for $177 you'd have to call that a no-brainer...

Well... what would you call it if I cut that price in half? A screaming deal? The deal of the century? It's got to be pretty close to that. $88.50 for the software and step-by-step directions to create instant push button wealth with lightning speed.

But I'm going to even cut that $88.50 price.

If you act now... and only through this offer, you get the software... the sytem... the bonuses... and you only have to invest $37.

You know... my mentor... the Kingmaker never liked that price. He originally agreed to it but in the end he said to me... 

“You know, Aaron... sometimes you need to look at the big picture. Sure... you'll sell a couple hundred and make that many people happy. But what about selling more units with less profit, just to make a splash... and cement yourself as a big player?”

He was right.

With a lower price, I could get my software and system into more peoples' hands. And that could only be good... right? 

The first rule of marketing is if you make someone happy, they'll be a customer for life. So... not only will I make people happier by having a lower price... but I'll be able to make more of them happy. 

It's a win-win!

So... you can thank him (but remember me, please) for this...


Push Button Money is now just $37  

By this evening this piece of software could be solely responsible for first supplementing... then replacing... and finally eclipsing the income you make right now.

How cool is that?

money back aaron darko

Ok Aaron, let's do this. I NEED Push Button Money...

Imagine... you wake up just a few short weeks from today. The morning sun peeks through the curtains. For once it's not blinding though. In fact you wake with a vigor... and leap out of bed eager to get to work.


Because today is the day you hand in your resignation.

Whether you slam it down on your idiot boss's desk or just casually slide it in front of his face... it's gonna feel sooooo good.

So I ask you this...

How's it feel?

Click the 'Add To Cart' button below and let's get started...

Thanks to my no questions asked 100% money back guarantee, I'm taking all the risk and you're taking none. So sign up now.


... won't feel guity about raking in Push Button Money every single day.

I admit it. The first time I pushed the button on this ground-breaking, new software and watched the money fill up my account... I did feel a little guilty.

Surely making money wasn't meant to be this easy?

Isn't there some rule that says you have to go through blood, sweat and tears to see any REAL money? Try not to feel that way, because...

That's exactly how I felt when I watched the numbers spin like a broken slot machine.

I know a year ago, making money seemed to be the hardest thing in the world to me.

I was relying on pathetic $100 checks every week... and it was the toughest money I'd ever made.

Walking into that job center feeling depressed. Worrying whether any of my friends had seen me walk in there.

I felt like a total loser. Times were hard back then.

But now I know easy money DOES exist.

And now YOU can take advantage of advanced marketing know-how and cutting edge technical wizardry.

All you need is an internet connection and a place to deposit all the checks.

Push Button Video Training

Look over my shoulder as I guide you step-by-step to success

It all starts with...

VIDEO #1 Get Your Hands Dirty

Here's how I easily get you you started

This is how you start your journey


VIDEO #2 Set Up Your Return Investment

Although this video may seem simple and straightforward, ...it's actually the foundation of the entire machine.

WARNING: Skipping this step will lead to you missing out.

VIDEO #3 Getting Out Of The Gates

Now it's time to push the button. 

If you can hold yourself back from testing out the software for yourself... 

Just watch over my shoulder as I demonstrate the Push Button Money software LIVE.

VIDEO #4 BIG BIG (BIG) Traffic

The more traffic you generate, the better. Period.

When you watch this video which features the never-before-seen Traffic Mayhem System... your Push Button Money sites will never go hungry for traffic.  Your servers just may creak under the strain...


VIDEO #5 Conversion Mastermind

Here's where you'll learn secret techniques for success.


VIDEO #6 Localized Money Ninja

Now I'm going to show you how to take Push Button Money TO THE NEXT LEVEL.

That secret place not written in any manual, covered in any course or revealed in any seminar- that secret mountain where the millionaire makers dwell in the shadows casting their money magic over the masses to bring them earthquake like spikes of cash into their bank account!


Plus, I'll sweeten the deal even further... 


Push Button Money Spinners

(A real world $421.00 value... But For You, 
totally free)

money spinners

The Push Button Money software automates everything you need to get started online today.

With this “Money Spinners” bonus, valued at more than $400.00, you can literally pour more fuel into the Push Button Money engine.

For each niche we're giving you extra "juice" to add to the PBM software in the form of xxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxxx that suck prospects into your hypnotic selling funnel, instantly delivering them to you primed, pumped... and ready to buy.

You know, I think I've said too much already.

To say anymore right now would give away the "secret sauce" to the system.

(Sorry... I'm not letting Aaron publicly give up the above information. I redacted it for this publication.. Blame me, not him. But he wasn't kidding when he called it “secret sauce.” And I'm not kidding when I say you're getting a $421.00 value... FREE.) -- The Kingmaker

All you need to know is... with The Money Spinners bonus package you get everything you need to turn cash-generating niche sites into wealth-building powerhouses!

But be quick... The Money Spinners bonus package can be pulled at any moment

(If this box is still here... you're just in time to claim your fast action bonus valued at more than $400.00!)

The Amazing Push Button Money System...
Easily A $1,000.00 Value...

Aaron, I NEED Everything, Including The Money Spinner Bonus. I'm signing up NOW!


You've waited so long for this moment so don't let it slip through your fingers.

Remember, if you don't take advantage of this opportunity right now, you may never get this chance again.

And while Push Button Money users are grinning from ear to ear at the success of their business... you'll look back at what might have been.

If you don't seize this opportunity right now, you'll probably miss out on this chance to change your life forever.

You've been fooled before with promises of easy riches with impossible-to-follow plans and broken software that doesn't work...

Don't let that memory cause you to miss out on the real deal.

It's here right now and it's the final word in

Aaron, I want to push the button... 


I have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

And for ordering today I also get the
Money Spinner bonus package for a limited time!

Let Me 'Push The Button' For Only $37 

You know... I used to daydream on my parents' couch... Staring out the window imagining I could push a big red button and a tidal wave of money would flood my bank account.

I never realized it was possible to make it actually happen... or that I'd need to go to Thailand to realize my dream.

But here it is. 

And now you get to push that button for yourself.

I can't wait to hear your results.

So... push that button. What are you waiting for? I'll see you on the other side,

Aaron Darko

P.S. Yes, you really start your business at the push of a button. If you've been let down in the past... rest assured, this is the complete system to getting started online. You don't need anything else. It all starts with a click of your mouse...

Ok Aaron, I'm clicking my mouse right now. Let me at it!

P.P.S. Remember you have a HUGE 60 days to try out the software and see results for yourself. But you won't need 60 days.

Great! Let's do this!

P.P.P.S. Push Button Money won't be around for long. Look, I'm not going to insult your intelligence with one of those fake scarcity ploys (only 300 available? Yeah right).

You owe it to yourself to grab this NOW. Don't let it slip through your fingers. If you've struggled... if you feel like giving up... you owe it to yourself to take Push Button Money for a test drive. It could change your life.

Click the "Add To Cart" button below and let's get started making serious money today. You'll never look back...

Q & A

Q: Does It Work on both Windows PC and Mac?

A: Yes, our software works on Macs, Windows PC and even Mobile Phones and iPads. You can use Push Button Money with any computer you like no matter how old or how new.

Q: What if I don't even want to push the button, but still want to make money?

A: You could ask your friends or family to push the button for you or even hire an outsourcer. Pushing the button can be done by anybody while you just sit back and collect the profits.

Q: Can I buy Push Button Money as a Christmas Gift for someone I love?

A: Yes you can, what better gift to give than the gift of sustainable business.



Let Me 'Push The Button' For Only $37

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